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Tongue and Lip Ties

A child born with a tongue or lip tie may experience difficulty with latching, feeding, and movement of the tongue and lips. This can be a very difficult for a baby and mother. A baby who cannot latch properly may have trouble gaining weight and take in gas when feeding. This will cause irritability, hunger, and colic. Many times a tongue is released (frenulectomy or frenotomy procedure) just after birth if it is severe. Some, however, are not done immediately, leaving a family wondering what can be done. 

At PBPD we can perform a lip or tongue tie release using an in office laser in a few minutes! Using a laser will allow the procedure to be done with minimal or no anesthetic, no bleeding, and no stitches! 

What to expect after a tongue/lip tie release:

Patient may latch better immediately. Baby may also be fussy for several days after the procedure. Tongue movement will improve. Exercises to stretch the soft tissue is recommended for a few weeks following the procedure to help reduce scar tissue.

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