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White Crowns for Kids

We begin with top of the line dental materials! From all white, BPA-Free fillings to our all white zirconia crowns, you are sure to have the best options!

We are the leading providers of zirconia, tooth colored crowns for kids in the Bay Area! Dr. B. is not only an expert on zirconia crowns but teaches zirconia techniques to other dentists!

 Zirconia is one of the strongest ceramics available! These are different from porcelain fused to stainless steel because they don’t break easily. They are also more biocompatible than other esthetic crowns making it safer for the teeth and gums!


Ask Dr B. if zirconia crowns are right for your child!


Above are before and after photos of  teeth with cavities and after zirconia crowns placed. Molars do not have to be crowned with stainless steel anymore! We can also crown baby teeth in tooth-colored zirconia!  Pictures above all done by Dr Noor Bilbeisi

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