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Office Forms

Please read and/or fill out the forms below before coming to your first appointment. When completed, do not sign (will be signed in the office) and click the ‘send’ button.


New Patient Forms

EXISTING Patient Forms (Recall)

Office Policies

We accept all PPO’s! Please be sure to contact your dental insurance to understand your benefits. No insurance company works the same way. Even out of network providers can treat a child with a PPO insurance and most cover the same or almost the same amount!

We do our best to check your insurance benefits prior to your appointment and give each patient a rough estimate as to coverage and co payments. The patient is ultimately responsible for any unpaid invoices if insurance does not cover a procedure.

Sorry, we are not a provider for Medi/Denti-Cal.

We are ‘in-network’ with the following insurance carriers:

Delta Dental Premier


Will I Be Allowed In The Treatment Room With My Child?


A parent will be allowed in the treatment area while the child is being treated if they so choose. In fact, parents are encouraged to join in the experience. A parent’s input in highly valuable when we plan treatment for your child.

We kindly ask that you do not join the discussion while the doctor is speaking to your child. If you talk while the doctor is talking, your child will listen to no one. When too many people are talking at a child, he/she may feel more anxious. Asking a child if he or she is “OK” during treatment may make it seem like there is something that shouldn’t be OK and also lead to anxiety.

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